Print and Other Media Appearances

David and Jonathan Bennett have appeared in a variety of print and other media. Below is a list of appearances and contributions related to The Popular Man, Popular Teen, and Theta Hill Coaching/Training brands. 

David Bennett

  1. New York Magazine (The Cut): Advice For Shy People At Holiday Parties 
  2. Reader's Digest: 8 Signs A Dating Profile Isn't Telling the Whole Truth
  3. WBNS CBS 10TV Columbus: Evening News, "Flirting 101," 4-11-2015
  4. WTTG FOX 5 DC: "The Final Five": Melania and Ivana Spar Over Roles,10-11-2017
  5. Zoosk: The New Dating Rules in 2017
  6. Bravo TV: There's No Rule That You Have To Date Someone Your Age
  7. Brickell Magazine (Print, July/Aug 2014): "Beauty And The Beholder"
  8. Augusta Family Magazine:  A Good Kid Can Shake a Bad Rap
  9. Houston Family Magazine: Live With The Imperfect
  10. 610 WTVN AM: Joel Riley Show, Wed. August 6th 2014
  11. 550 WSVA AM: Mike Schikman Show, Thurs. February 12th, 2015
  12. 560 WIND AM: Aging Info Radio, Sun. February 8th, 2015 
  13. 960 WSVU AM: Kiss My Ash Radio, Sat. June 19th, 2014
  14. Dates and Mates With Damona Hoffman: Short Man Syndrome and First Date Finances
  15. Self-Defense Company Podcast:  Discussing Confidence
  16. Student Caring:  Tales of the Wrong Degree
  17. Self Development Secrets: Success Principles We Should Know Today

Jonathan Bennett

  1. Wall Street Journal:  When You Run Into Your Ex On the Job
  2. Daily Mail: Millennials Want More Commitment Than Older Generations
  3. Brides: What Your Social Media Posts Say About Your Relationship
  4. Business Insider: What To Do If You And Your Partner Have Different Sex Drives
  5. Business Insider: Experts Say One Of The Biggest Threats To Your Relationship Is Your Phone
  6. Business Insider: What To Say To End A Fight With Your Partner
  7. Business Insider: 11 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You
  8. Business Insider: What Your Partner Should Never Say To You
  9. Business Insider: Even Dreaming About cheating Can Wreck Havoc On Your Relationship
  10. Business Insider: How To Know When Your Persistence is Romantic and When It's Creepy
  11. Business Insider: The Weeknd Unfollowed Selena Gomez on Social Media - Why He Did The Right Thing
  12. Good Housekeeping: 22 Questions To Ask Your Husband To Find Out If He's Unhappy
  13. Cosmo: Do You Think Your Partner is Unhappy? Ask These Questions
  14. Huffington Post: A 6 Step Method For Not Losing Your Sh*t During An Argument
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  16. Insider: How To Tell If You're Actually The Problem In Your Relationship
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  20. Chicago Tribune: The 90-Day Detox and Other Tips For When Your Ex Finds Someone New
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  22. The Independent: 7 Phrases That Mean It's Time To End A Relationship 
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  24. Fast Company: 6 Steps You Can Take When You Don't Feel Welcomed At Work
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